Water so soft as silk… Sky so clear as crystal… Sounds of nature so pure… Forests so untouched… If you long for peace, beauty and a stress-free holiday, Kivitalu Country Hotel is the place to be! And since it is a farm, we have besides all that cats, a dog, horses, sheep, goats, hen and ducks.


Kivitalu cottages

In Kivitalu Country Hotel you can choose between seven cosy cottages the one most suitable and likeable to your soul.


Taste the delicacies of our restaurant, enjoy saunas of our spaworld, hug and care for our animals, swim in the lake or walk in the forest.

Restaurant Rock Summer

Our restaurant Rock Summer is popular far and near for its delicious homestyle cooking that is lovingly prepared with freshest ingredients from our own farm and garden, or the neighbouring ones.


Our spaworld offers you unique opportunity to discover the secrets and pleasures of the exotic Russian steam sauna and the hot tub in the open air.


Kivitalu Country Hotel is situated 8 km from Otepää – leisure and sports center of southern Estonia.

Paradise is here!

Breathe in the silence, enjoy the flavours! Kivitalu Country Hotel greets you with pleasure!

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