In Kivitalu you can enjoy different saunas, taste the delicacies of our restaurant Rock Summer, hug and care for our animals, swim and fish in our lake and marvel at the beauty of nature and four seasons.


Our spaworld offers you unique opportunity to discover the secrets and pleasures of the exotic Russian steam sauna and the hot tub in the open air. Read more and order a sauna.

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Kivitalu is embraced with peat lakes. Peat makes the water soft, clean, yellowish in colour, and gives it beneficial and therapeutic properties. Owing to its unique composition peat is traditionally used in cosmetology and medicine. The peatland ecosystem is considered to be the most efficient carbon sink on the planet.


Since Kivitalu is a real farm, we have farm animals like horses, sheep, goats, as well as hen and ducks whom you can watch, hug, care for and talk to. Our cats are extremely fond of a caressing touch as well.


Kivitalu restaurant Rock Summer is popular far and near for its delicious homestyle cooking that is lovingly prepared with freshest ingredients from our own farm and garden, or the neighbouring ones. Read more and order a meal.


We have a small shop in the lobby where you can purchase wraps and other items made of pure wool, sheep and goat hides, bathrobes and sheets made of pure linen as well as preserves and pickles prepared in our kitchen.


IN SPRING – you can listen to the ripple of thawing snow, welcome the return of birds of passage, enjoy the nuptial songs of frogs, sniff the smells of spring.
IN SUMMER – you can fish and swim in the lake, spend time haymaking, gaze at the blue sky, lie in the sun, enjoy the twitters of swallows flying overhead.
IN AUTUMN – you can pick berries and mushrooms in the forests, gather herbs, marvel at wildlife and vivid colours of autumn.
IN WINTER – you can skate on the frozen lake, go skiing, make a snowman, jump from hot sauna to the chilly ice hole in the lake. If there is no snow, you can take long walks in our peaceful forests.
ALL THE YEAR ROUND – you can enjoy the pleasures of our spaworld, hug and make friends with our animals, wander in the forests and taste the delicacies of our restaurant.


• 2 km: cross country skiing tracks of Tartu Maraton, horseback riding farm Tobra Hobused.
• 5 km: slopes for skiing and snowboarding of Väike Munamägi.
• 8 km: leisure and sports center of South of Estonia and the winter capital of Estonia Otepää,
Tehvandi Sports Center with its various sports facilities and rental of inventory, Otepää Adventure Park, Pühajärve beach, Pühajärve Spa & Holidy Resort.
• 12 km: Kuutsemäe Resort with its summer and winter activities.
• 14 km: amusement park for children of all ages Pokuland.


Tartu – 48 km
Tallinn – 234 km
Riia – 192 km