Kivitalu restaurant Rock Summer is popular far and near for its delicious homestyle cooking that is lovingly prepared with freshest ingredients from our own farm and garden, or the neighbouring ones. The restaurant is open only if ordered in advance, minimum number of guests – 16.

Relishing the view over one of our lakes, enjoy Kivitalu mutton, or omelette and pancakes made with Kivitalu eggs. We grow our own potatoes, carrots and beetroot. If the weather in summer is favourable, we are lucky to harvest our own cucumbers and pumpkins. Salads and herbs, onion and garlic flourish in our vegetable garden. What we do not grow ourselves, we buy from farmers of Southern Estonia. We never shop for jam, juice or pickles as we prepare them ourselves. Be it strawberry jam, black or red currant juice, chutney or pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, pumpkins, garlic shoots or paradise apples.

Our restaurant was named Rock Summer after legendary Rock Summer festivals that were held in Tallinn from 1988 to 1997. In 2013 festival Rock Summer 25 brought fans together once again to celebrate 25 years from the first festival. A bit of all ten festivals in photoes and posters is on display on the walls of the restaurant. For more about the history, artists, facts and figures visit Rock Summer website. Oh, what is the link between Kivitalu and Rock Summer? Kivitalu is the home of the organizer of Rock Summer festivals Jüri Makarov who also happens to be the chef of Kivitalu restaurant Rock Summer.

If you long for a break from kitchen and cooking or wish to experience the flavours of Estonian homestyle cuisine, you are welcome to order breakfast and/or dinner with two different menus in our restaurant.

Breakfast menu – 20 € per person
Dinner menu – 55 € per person

Please make an order with your preferred starting time at least one day in advance either sending an email to or in the reception after your arrival, so the kitchen and the restaurant would be prepared in good time.

Minimum number of eaters at the breakfast as well as dinner tabel is sixteen, meaning 16 persons paying the full price. Four year olds and younger are welcome to eat free of charge, children up to 12 years pay half the price, from the age of 12 breakfast as well as dinner can be enjoyed for the full price.